Saturday, 14 April 2012

Painting Techniques #1 Freehand Basics

Here is the first set of painting articles, these will be focusing on freehand basics. Much like the sculpting articles from the preceding post, many of the icons themselves may not be much use but many of the techniques are of use on many other projects.

Painting Freehand Ultramarine Symbols from Garfy at Tale of Painters

How to paint the new Minotaurs chapter symbol by Ron at From the Warp

Painting Crimson/Imperial Fist Icons from Bolter and Chainsword

I hope you can make use of what I have presented here. I know what I have presented so far is 40k centric, I'm on the lookout for some quality Fantasy and Warmachine articles to post but a vast majority of material out there is from 40k.